Doing business in the USA USA is open for business

In 2013, President Obama publicly recognized the benefits of foreign business investments in the U.S. by declaring, that the U.S. is “open for business.” To encourage foreign nationals to set up a company in the U.S., they will find that the U.S. provides tax benefits and governmental incentives.


Businesses will also find access to new markets they do not have access to when doing business in their home country. Another benefit is that the U.S. economy is growing, and as it grows, sales of products and demand for services increase.

The U.S. has an advanced higher education system giving companies access to skilled workers they might not find in their home country. If you are considering investing in or setting up a company in the U.S., there a number of reasons why you should go forward with your plan.

Many states and some cities offer financial incentives to foreign investors who will establish their business in a specific location. Some incentives are in the form of tax credits and the country has recently lowered commercial real estate taxes for foreign investors. In addition, the U.S. government offers a myriad of assistance to U.S. businesses that will be available to you when you set up your U.S. business..
Same rights for non-resident owned business
All businesses in the U.S. are treated the same, whether foreign or domestically owned. This gives you the benefit of all the laws relevant to acquiring a business or transferring capital. It puts you on an equal standing with your opponent if there is ever a business dispute.

Access to new markets

All 50 states are interested in increasing the business environment and many cities encourage you to invest in their community. You have virtually unlimited choices for where to set up your business and can choose a geographical terrain and climate zone that suits you. The U.S. has trade agreements with 20 countries which provides a marketing advantage to U.S. based manufacturing companies. This increases your market by 425 million people. Add this to the approximately 320 millions of Americans and you can see the potential for your business being successful.

Availability of skilled workers

The U.S. is home to 4,000 colleges and universities and more than eight hundred thousand foreign students go to school in America. There are community colleges and technical schools all committed to training students to enter the workforce at all levels. No matter what your business is, you will find hundreds of skilled workers just waiting for the opportunity you can offer them when you begin hiring workers for your new business.

Stable political environment

The United States has a stable political environment which, according to the well-known firm of Ernst and Young, makes it the “most attractive market for venture capital and private equity funding.” Of all countries involved in international trade, the World Bank ranked the U.S. sixth for its overall “ease of doing business.”

Movement of goods

If your business is manufacturing or selling goods, the U.S. provides efficient connections to the world-wide market through air, sea, rail and highway travel. The U.S. is home to seven of the top 10 cargo moving airports for efficient moving of goods.

Technological advancements

Access to advanced technology, which the U.S. is known for, increases the desirability of the U.S. as a place to do business. Many foreign investors are starting companies in the U.S. just to have access to the advanced technological innovations which will enhance their business production and world-wide communication.

Protection of intellectual property

The U.S. leads the world in the way it protects intellectual property rights (IPR). The U.S. patent office receives approximately one million applications for patent or trademark protection. The office stringently enforce the law and provides you protection from infringement. If you are a foreign national who is considering starting a business in the U.S., the advantages are on your side. Now is the time to pursue your dream and begin the work of starting your U.S. based business.

Doing business in Canada

Even though Canada is not the 51st state of the USA we thought it would be logical to bring Canada strategically under your attention as well on this website. There are some solid advantages of doing business in Canada as a foreign entity, namely the conducive trade agreements in place with other countries (especially the US), the lower corporate tax rates, and the availability of skilled workers. Moreover, Canada is a stable economy that functions in a manner very similar to US markets. Click on Canada to find out more information about doing business in Canada.

How to find a business partner in the USA and Canada?

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