North Carolina


What makes North Carolina a good business destination? A state that recorded a total gross state product of $540,497 billion in 2017 is considered to be the 9th wealthiest state in terms of gross domestic product. A startup company North Carolina can be set up under a variety of industries including top industries like agriculture, financial services, and manufacturing. One of the best cities in the state to set up a business is Charlotte as Charlotte metro area is home to almost 8 Fortune 500 companies. The city of Raleigh is not far behind and is home to the SAS Institute (one of the largest privately held software companies in the world) and CaptiveAire Systems (the largest privately held kitchen ventilation Systems Company in the nation).

North Carolina’s state of momentum is propelled by low business costs, groundbreaking university research, superior infrastructure, and a pace of life that attracts talented people and encourages them to refuel.

Workforce, education and business climate

North Carolina workers are talented and ready to work. Our highly skilled, educated workforce trains at top-tier universities and across a 58-campus community college system.

Continually ranked as one of the best business climates in the United States, North Carolina has rated as one of Forbes’ top 5 Best States for Business for 11 consecutive years.


With a central location on the eastern seaboard and excellent transportation infrastructure, North Carolina provides an optimal point of access to markets and customers, keeping freight and delivery costs low.

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