New Hampshire


For all those who dream of doing their own thing, New Hampshire is the place to jumpstart your company. We’re a state of do-ers and, if you ask us, there’s no better state in the country for starting a business. In fact, 93 percent of New Hampshire’s companies are small businesses and full of innovation.

New Hampshire has a top U.S. patent creation rate, proving that startups and new ventures can succeed in New Hampshire―from our cluster of biotech and medical device start-ups popping up near Dartmouth College to the diverse tech revitalizations happening in cities like Portsmouth and Manchester.

In addition, organizations like Live Free and Start and Alpha Loft continue to make it easy for New Hampshire businesses to “start, connect and succeed.” From offering workshops on how to talk with Angel Investors to providing state-of-the-art and generous co-working spaces, these organizations help put New Hampshire entrepreneurs on the map. 

 Besides being ranked the nation’s #1 state for business friendliness, here are three benefits of starting your business in New Hampshire.

Low Tax Burden

Considered America’s greatest state for taxpayer ROI, New Hampshire has one of the best tax climates in the country for both residents and businesses. As a state with no sales tax or income tax (and the absence of at least half a dozen other taxes), New Hampshire offers businesses welcome financial relief.

Accessible Goverment

New Hampshire is a small and welcoming state, which translates into strong and supportive communities for startups. Running into an issue with your business? In New Hampshire, they like to say that you’re never more than a phone call away from the solution. The Granite State even offers free business advice for those seeking to grow their own ventures in New Hampshire.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Located in the heart of New England and bordering Canada, New Hampshire is a strategic location for your business. Whether you’re looking to work locally or abroad, our transportation network of New Hampshire airports, water ports, rail, and highways, will ensure you’ll reach your customers in Boston, New York, Montreal and beyond.


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