Mississippi provides the perfect environment for growth-oriented businesses looking to expand or relocate. The state’s unique benefits are evident through their incentives and tax advantages, their consistently pro-business state leadership, and the track record of success businesses have found in their state.

Pro Business and right to work

It’s no secret successful businesses lead to thriving communities. That’s why Mississippi’s leadership works to keep taxes low, strengthen infrastructure, bolster workforce training programs and support the state’s growing business community.

Mississippi is also a right-to-work state, with the third-lowest union membership rate in the nation. These market factors combine to make Mississippi an aggressive manufacturing competitor, maintaining a high percentage of manufacturing jobs at 12.3 percent.

Perfectly located and team approach

Mississippi is within one day’s drive of 55 percent of U.S. businesses and major population centers. The state is located on the Gulf of Mexico, centrally positioned within the Americas, with deepwater ports providing convenient access to global markets.

MDA takes a holistic approach to fostering industry growth and considers all factors that contribute to a company’s success. Mississippi works with local economic developers, state leadership and private industry to offer businesses the support they need to find an ideal site, apply for necessary permits, and hire skilled and productive workers.

Skilled workfoce and custom solutions

Mississippi is known for its motivated, highly productive workforce. Their community college system, recently rated the nation’s best, provides customized training opportunities to advance workforce skills. Their universities offer access to collaborative research partnerships while preparing students with the skills needed for success in today’s fast-evolving global economy.

Mississippi has a proven track record in projects of all sizes across industry sectors. Their team provides both immediate and long-term solutions to today’s companies. Whether it’s sharing best practices or developing customized solutions, their professional developers work to ensure every project’s success.

Source: https://www.mississippi.org/

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