New Mexico


New Mexico’s temperate climate makes life more fun and allows businesses to operate with ease. A very low incidence of natural disasters and extreme weather reduces risk and delays caused by weather events. Experience four seasons and enjoy a number of outdoor activities in the sunny climate and varied landscapes. Snow and water skiing, ice fishing, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping under the moonlight in the national forest are all part of daily life in New Mexico.  

Their tax policy will make your business even more profitable.  New Mexico exempts raw materials used in manufacturing from gross receipts tax, including electricity and natural gas.  Property tax is among the lowest in the nation.  Corporate and individual income tax rates compare favorably, and the state offers many tax incentives to help your business thrive.  

New Mexico is a state that provides a highly-skilled and productive workforce with expertise in everything from cutting edge science and engineering, to business and finance, manufacturing, logistics, and a host of other skills businesses most need in today’s economy.  It’s home to world class scientific research institutions and universities, robust international trade, extraordinary culture, and extensive rail, road, and air infrastructure, all within a state that is affordable, pro-business, and which lacks natural disasters.

New Mexico has actively developed its workforce and business climate to fit the needs of growing industries, and it shows. Some of the largest industries that have established themselves in the state include aerospace and defense, advanced manufacturing, data centers, value-added agriculture, logistics and distribution, technology commercialization, energy and renewable resources, and digital media. And, in addition to attracting employers from elsewhere, New Mexico is home to a vibrant and innovative start-up ecosystem.

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